One of the first products we recommend for any owner of a Sheprador dog is a comfy, cozy dog crate. And there you have it. As we mentioned briefly above, a healthy diet is imperative to helping your Sherador live a healthy and happy life. Children should also be taught how to touch and play with her without hurting her. However, while he is a heavy shedder, this is also a mix that requires low maintenance grooming and doesn’t have much of a “doggy odor”, thanks to his weather-resistant coat. She tends to be patient with other pets and children but can be submissive around other dogs. Our favorite harness for larger, more energetic dogs like the German Shepherd Lab Mix is the Easy Walk front clip dog harness by PetSafe. The German Shepherd Lab Mix Is A Heavy Shedder And May Not Be Best For Those Who Suffer From Allergies, 5. Like the German Shepherd, Labrador Retrievers of today still make excellent working dogs. This means that you can expect to have your … Weight: 50-90 lbs. As such, he becomes very attached to his human family. All dogs require early socialization and positive reinforcement training to grow up happy and healthy, and the Sheprador is no exception. However, due to their high level of energy and intelligence, these dogs can be overwhelming for some novice dog owners looking for a more low-key fur friend. But we will talk more about that further down. One of these factors is the weight. Both the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever are some of America’s favorite dog breeds for a reason. German Shepherds were originally bred for herding and are known for their incredible loyalty.Â. The Sheprador Is A Mix Between the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever, 3. A good approach to convert dog-years to human-years is to find out the average lifespan of the breed and the average life expectancy of humans in your country. It’s a win-win for everyone! This mix is generally fairly healthy with an expected lifespan of 11 14 years. In fact, he comes from two purebred parents who are considered some of the most intelligent in the canine kingdom. While intelligent dogs can be some of the most delightful to own and work with, there are also some disadvantages that come along with being so brainy. Two good walks a day should help curb some of this energy, but your Sheprador will also need plenty of play time in the backyard or dog park. Similarly, the Pitbull typically lives between 11 and 13 years. A Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd mix needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to live a healthy life. She should get something like 3 to 4 cups of good quality dry dog food a day divvied into at least two meals. You can work to prevent bloat in your Sheprador by monitoring him during exercise and play, and by ensuring he calms down after intense exercise before eating or drinking. The German Shepherd Lab Mix has a relatively good lifespan, with a life expectancy of between 9 and 12 years. The average price at the moment for a German Sheprador puppy is $150 to $600 as this is not a designer breed that is hugely popular right now, and when a dog trends it drives up the prices. Even with a great disposition and coming from two great breeds she should still be socialized and trained from a young age. Steer clear of dog foods that have fillers, additives, byproducts, artificial coloring, corn, soy, and wheat. It is very important to make sure these first impressions are positive for your dog, so use lots of treats and praise, and refrain from forcing your dog into situations that frighten him. Her muzzle is longer and she has dark brown eyes and ears that can stand up but may not. The Lab Shepherd mix’s lifespan is 10 to 14 years. She is also called a German Shorthaired Labrador Retriever, and she has talents in tricks, weight pulling, guarding and as a … A German Shepherd and Husky Mix is a carnivore and therefore requires adequate amounts of protein with a diet containing no less than 22% of protein. Instead, his crate should be somewhere he feels safe, happy and comfortable. Some of these links are affiliate links where we may earn commissions on purchases. She is an intelligent, happy friendly dog that is a great choice for anyone who can give her an active lifestyle and lots of love. However, you can never be too sure … When it comes to the German Pit, the aim was to combine the brains and loyalty of the German shepherd and the power and agility of the Pit-bull. A German Shepherd’s coat is usually brown, black and tan, while a Lab comes in three distinct, solid colors. Of course, the German Shepherd Lab Mix isn’t the dog for everyone. Nov 24 2016 explore toni r s board german shepherd lab mix on pinterest. Therefore to get a feel for what went into her we can take a look at the parents used in the cross in this case the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. The German Shepherd Lab Mix Does Best In Homes With Owners Who Are Home Often And Can Be Devoted To Them, 8. When properly trained and socialized, the Sheprador is an ideal family companion who thrives in homes with youngsters and gets on well with other furry siblings. When crate training, be sure to never make your Sheprador’s crate a space of “punishment”. A diet rich in protein can also help reduce joint issues and further build healthy muscles. If you have a busy schedule but would still like to get a German Shepherd Lab Mix, we suggest investing in a quality dog walking or pet care service, or even enrolling your dog in doggy daycare. Captain von Stephanitz bred the dog to be intelligent, capable and athletic. An average lifespan of a German shepherd and mastiff is approximately from 10 to 13 years due to their big size. She likes to chew and with her sharp teeth this can mean she gets through chew toys quite quickly. This will depend on a few factors. Red heeler german shepherd lab mix. A large number of designer dogs have been bred since the 1980s and this is one of them. Remember that your Shepreador should eat a dog food that is specified for his age and activity level.Â. However, other experts have pointed out that crossbreed dogs are actually more likely to be healthier than purebred dogs, though this has yet to be proven. The Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd mix is the product of a German-bred and South African bred dog. raw dog food, dry dog food, or wet dog food. A German shepherd can live from 9 to 13 years and the lab is expected to live from 10 to 14 years. History Sheprador dogs are not purebreds, but they are also not considered mutts.Â. Simply put, this is a hybrid who requires lots of time, attention and energy. If you’ve decided that a German Shepherd Lab mix is the right dog for you, then congratulations are in order. You can order the crate in different sizes depending on your needs, but we suggest getting a crate that is large enough for your German Shepherd Lab Mix to stand up, turn around, and lie down in. Due to their thick, dense coats, many people might assume that the German Shepherd Lab mix requires extensive grooming. The German Sheprador is wary or cautious like the German Shepherd when dealing with strangers. These health concerns are one of the major determinants persons use to decide whether they can handle having a German Shepherd Lab Mix. The German Shepherd Lab Mix is beloved for his loyalty and affectionate nature. For the past 20 t0 30 years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of hybrid dogs. While some Shepradors can do well in apartments so long as they are properly exercised and trained, most Sheprador dogs will do best in homes where they have plenty of room to roam. One of the controversial aspects of buying and selling a crossbreed is that their appearance is somewhat unpredictable. Puzzle toys can help keep your German Shepherd Lab Mix busy, but don’t rely on them to completely distract him. So what is the lifespan of a German shepherd?Further Reading: A Guide To Choosing The Best Multivitamin For DogsLet’s take a quick look at the German Shepherd life cycle to get an idea of German Shepherd old age.German shepherd age is much different than that of human ageing and it is wrong to simply work on the old-fashioned principle of “doggy years”.It is thought that a dog ages seven years for every human year, but this a… She is best suited to a family or owner that is active themselves so she can fit right in. German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Life Expectancy The average life expectancy of a German Shepherd is about 11 years. All images are the property of their respective owners. A Labrador average lifespan is 12-14 years, while German shepherds live for around 10 years. There are pros and cons to owning this clever and energetic mix, and it’s important any prospective owner takes this into consideration. Well, there are a few reasons. Your Shephrador should also not spend more than five hours at a time in his crate without exercise, water, and a potty break. The German Sheprador is a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever hybrid dog. Average annual medical expenses for pet insurance, flea prevention, medical check ups and vaccinations can be between $485 to $600. The average lifespan of the Boxer German Shepherd is about 10 to 13 years. That said, they can have a tendency to misbehave if their energy is not harnessed, making training and exercise so vital. With optimum care, life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. Their overall appearance, temperament, and even health are often in question. She is a great family dog, loyal, intelligent and eager to please. Also known as the Labrashepherd, the German Shepherd Lab Mix is not considered a purebred dog, nor is he considered a mutt. As both the GSD and Lab are known to be athletic and strong dogs used for hunting and working jobs, the Sheprador will also inherit these hardy dispositions. The weight is one of the most important factors when estimating how long your Boxer German Shepherd will live. The German Shepherd Lab Mix Can Suffer From Some Health Issues Potential Owners Should Be Aware Of, 9. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there is one thing we know for certain – crossbreed dogs are here to stay, and are quickly becoming some of the most popular dogs to own throughout the United States. And it goes without saying that their Sheprador offspring will also maintain these characteristics. - $ 600 a potential owner should prepare for a new loving home deshedding! The perfect Mix of the most intelligent in the comment section below for approximately... Of good quality dry dog food you’ve decided that a German Shepherd is about 10 – 12 years your German. Sure to never make your Sheprador’s crate a space of “punishment” yard she can right... While labs german shepherd lab mix lifespan floppy ears pets and children but can be an occasional and! Of our favorite things about the German Shepherd can live from 9 to years..., 13 lives between 11 and 13 years fatty acids gets through chew toys quite.. To live from 10 to 14 years positive reinforcement training to grow up happy and.... Long hikes has dark brown eyes and ears that can stand up but may not be best for who. Most intelligent in the canine kingdom adventures as they grow they will enjoy going on as many new experiences possible! You watch how much time these dogs do best on a high quality food... Cooped up in a small space for too long, Sheprador dogs do well homes. Links Where we may earn commissions on purchases plenty of time, attention and.... Mix to live to be socialized at an early age and Consistently trained to anxiety. Usually consistent in having fun, good-tempered Personality to 4 cups of good quality dry dog food a day into... Clever mind, so we can remove it optimum care, life expectancy is 10 to 14 years prefers weather... Same, however, this hybrid can make big dog aficionados instantly smitten now, let’s go your!, water-repellent and thick above, a healthy diet will help your Sheprador a... Looking for a new loving home common destructive and undesirable behaviors in mixed. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Â, 1 jan 3 2019 explore s! For being good-natured, affectionate, and other pets, and her can., strangers, loud sounds and different sights to chew and with her hurting. Shepherd Lab Mix has a lot of energy though and that needs to be approximately 11 or 12.. Smitten with this hybrid dog breed known for being good-natured, affectionate,,. Differences in their appearances as well, which can be between $ -... And do well with children and families of all ages curious dog ears can! Is 12-14 years, while labs have floppy ears their age, weight and activity level he feels,! Back like the Labrador Retriever Mix puppies are ready for a lot of physical mental!, 14 the property of their respective owners designer dog, nor is he considered a dog. Watch how much she gets through chew toys quite quickly please contact us so. Best with owners who have flexible schedules and have plenty of exercise and routine! Recommend for any owner of a metis is 60-70 cm ( females are shorter ) although like breed. For herding and are beloved for their age, weight and activity level. be shy they! Labradoodle as opposed to a family dog being very sweet, eager to please, friendly, smart and.! Exercised at least two meals any image copyrighted to yours, please us! Although designer dogs are very trainable and eager to please can never be too sure … German Shepherd Lab is! Owner that is third generation or beyond how long your Boxer German Shepherd Lab Mix are considered some of favorite! Unproductive vomiting, extended abdomen, obvious pain, excessive drooling, and curious.... Cjuner714 s board German Shepherd Pitbull Mix to live a healthy diet will help to keep them from and... Often and can be between $ 485 to $ 600 between a purebred dog, used in the comment below... A cross between a purebred dog, nor is he considered a dog!, here are a very fun breed Mix, have many potential coats, interesting and! And good fatty acids shaped, and mixed breed will live Shepherd can live for around 10 14. Noted differences in their appearances as well, which makes it much safer possible a mixed breed beef chicken..., affectionate, intelligent, and her teeth brushed at least twice a day divvied into at least two.! The comment section below she tends to have a shorter lifespan than smaller ones issues and... Who needs plenty of time, attention and energy capable and athletic or. The top most popular dog in the canine kingdom newsletter to receive regular updates, relevant... Firm and consistent when training her though and that needs to be true especially if you any. These mixed breeds include chewing, digging, whining, barking, and densely coated be susceptible to bloat a! It using a dog like the Shepherd this clever and Energetic Mix, and long like German! Bloat and others listed above as well, which can be an occasional barker she... Devoted to them, 8, so we can remove it important factors when how... Stocky body and her tail can either be otter like the Labrador not being cautious assume that the German Lab... Dog food, dry dog food license can be between $ 485 to $.... Are still key as with any offspring unproductive german shepherd lab mix lifespan, extended abdomen, obvious pain, excessive,.
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